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Soldiers Joy 1864
Guy Clark

First I thought a snake had got me it happened dreadful quick
Tíwas a bullet bit my leg, right off I got sick
I came to in a wagon load of ten more wounded men
Five was dead by the time we reached that bloody tent

Gimme some of that Soldierís Joy, you know what I mean
I donít want to hurt no more my leg is turniní green

The doctor came and looked at me and this is what he said
Your danciní days are done, son, itís a wonder you ainít dead
Then he went to work with a carviní knife sweat fell from his brow
ĎBout killed me tryiní to save my life when he cut that lead ball out

Give me some of that Soldierís Joy, ainít you got no more
Hand me down my walkiní cane I ainít cut out for war

Red blood run right through my veins run all over the floor
Run right down his apron strings like a river out the door
He handed me a bottle and said, son drink deep as you can
He turned away then he turned right back with a hacksaw in his hand

Gimme some of that Soldierís Joy you know what I like
Bear down on that fiddle boys just like Saturday night

Gimme some of that Soldierís Joy you know what I crave
Iíll be hittiní that Soldierís Joy til Iím in my grave

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream

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