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The Tale of Country Friends

Country Friends plays songs by Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and other  country stars in the same style. Country Friends delivers the songs with that special Country Friends Sound.

Johnny Eagle sing and play guitar.
Utah Johnny  plays bass and sing.

Country Friends video:  San Quentin


Johnnys History:

Country Friends
started in 2002 as a "fun-project": Johnny & Johnny. The admiration of Johnny Cash and the love of his songs was the inspiration. After some 2003 Christmas Shows for friends and family, we decided to "go serious".

In October 2004 our new country friend, Johnny has joined with guitar and banjo. We are looking very much foreward to presenting our new repetoire and especially our new sound.

We now have a lot of fantastic country & western songs from various artist, all performed with that special Country Friends Sound.

Utah Johnny has played bass since the late 70'ties and like Johnny Eagle, it all started with punk and heavy rock. As time has passed we both grew older and got wiser, so now we play country music in a silent, almost "naked" style, much like the American records by Johnny Cash.



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